Our Mission

FAITH is a grassroots organization that is committed to empowering all members of the community.

FAITH’s mission is to provide humanitarian aid to needy individuals and families living in the Northern Virginia area.

We serve all people regardless of faith, ethnicity or gender. We serve to empower people to be self-sufficient, to build strong families and to be a force of good in our community.

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Get Involved

FAITH volunteers are the cornerstone of how we provide programs and services to the community. Get involved and make a positive difference in someone’s life today.


December Emergency Cases

Case One

We have a client struggling and needs assistance, asap. When the war started in his country, he was in the US on a student Visa. However, he lost status and support at the same time. His family who struggled to get him here, lost everything and they couldn’t support him financially any more. He’s become homeless for the past several months. He finally received some legal support to build an asylum case. But, he’s still in need of shelter & food.

Donate: $600 per month for 3 months.

(Please reference Case #2016-121)

Case Two

Woman client in dire need. FAITH has been helping a client get into a women shelter, when her husband was about to harm her. The client has two girls and a baby boy. She’s been in a transitional housing and now was given permanent low income housing. Unfortunately, it still costs her $900/month. She’s not been able to collect child support and has enrolled the kids in our children’s program. She been receiving treatment and goes to weekly to counseling from a specialized and very experienced trauma counselor. We need support for this client monthly to ease financial stress, so she can dedicate her energy to the children. The children are A students and are very well behaved.

Donate: $900 per month for 3 months.

(Please reference Case # 2016-122)